Check JAMB Result Via SMS

This is actually the first method you may use in assessing your JAMB result for 2020. (Note that you need at least, a minimum of N50 credit balance before you will get your result). The outcome will probably be sent as a reply after you've been charged N50.

The following are the responses candidates should anticipate:
When a candidate sends"result" to"55019" through a phone number which was not employed for JAMB 2020 registration, then a message will be sent like this:"This phone number wasn't used for registration."

A candidate who used the phone number for registration and followed the aforementioned guide will receive the message:"Dear Mr/Miss X, your outcome is as follows: (along with the four topics you choose with your functionality will be supplied )."
If an outcome is withheld, a message reading"Result Withheld" will be transmitted to the candidate.

If a candidate's result is still be processed or undergoing potential malpractice verification, the message into the individual will be"Result withheld pending the upload of clarifications/document needed from you."

If a candidate was absent, s/he would get"CANDIDATE ABSENT" as a response.
Nominees who sat for the examination but didn't get verified by biometric will probably get"ABSENT WITH REGISTRATION NUMBER too CANCELLED" as a reply.

If a candidate who obtained unauthorized access into the examination hall, then they will get an"Invalid Entry into the Exam Hall" when trying to check JAMB result with SMS.

For more details kindly visit check jamb result.
16.06.2021 12:50:15

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