Writing From Pictures Prompts Brain Growth

Writing from pictures has become more popular nowadays. Why? It is the result that images have on people, the feeling that you get when you see a children's novel with an image in it. You seem closer, and the words just seem to stream from the picture straight to your mind. When you are done , the book never moves out of your plate or bookcase.

Picturesque Writing is something that I really appreciate. I really like anything that is written in a captivating way. There is nothing better than sitting down having a thick book, staring at a blank screen and trying to think about something. When you start writing out of pictures, that is what happens - you're forced to think about something!

But in fact, once you're writing from scenic things, these items are so raw and therefore confusing, they surely have to be touched upon. They need to be translated and felt deeply and known. To simply avoid thisto pretend that the person speaking and observing something have to be explained is simply foolish. The writer's job is to make sure what is being stated and the audience is made aware of this, so that they can then begin to process what is going on.

Writing from scenic ideas, or stories, or poems, or anything else, should be a easy task. But to create a good story, or even a good poem, or anything else, is another issue altogether. It requires a lot of creativity and ingenuity and a willingness to take a risk and explore new locations. And yet, the benefit is you may grow to be much more elastic as a writer and a human being. When you start to see things from picturesque perspectives, you are going to open your mind up to all sorts of wonderful possibilities.

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